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How to Bind Your Discover the Scriptures

All of our Discovery products come as instant downloads so that you can print as many copies as you need for your family members.


You may find that printing a few pages at time is a good way for you to work on your workbook materials. Our kids like to take two or three pages stapled together to church with them or have it to use on Sunday afternoons. "Mommy, print me a packet!" is something I often hear from my five-year-old. This works especially well for the Memory Verse Copy Work sections, and illustration pages in Discover the Book of Mormon Grades 1-3.


homeschool bindingOther people prefer to use their workbook as a "course" and print it all at once. If you do that, you'll want to keep your pages organized together. You can take it to a copy shop (like Office Depot) and have them bind it for you. I suggest coil binding (see picture at right), as it will lay flat and the pages will never fall out. You may want to consider having them add a clear plastic front and vinyl back for added durabililty. Kids are hard on things!


homeschool bindingAnother option is a three-ring binder. Your CD will include several cover pages that you can print and slip into the front of a three ring binder. If you use a three-ring binder, it's easy to print-as-you-go and keep adding to your folder. You can have your kids occasionally make a scripture journal entry about what they are learning to add to their notebook. They will be impressed with how much they've learned as they see their binder getting fuller!


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