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Celebrate Easter with Your Family!

Help your family appreciate and celebrate the life of Christ in a new way during Easter season this year! Start now teaching your children about the symbols of Easter that point to Christ. Teach them how Easter is celebrated by kids all over the world.


LDS EasterDiscover the Joy of Easter, will set you on a journey through the Easter story with more than 40 kid-friendly crafts and recipes from all over the world. Best of all, it's only $7.99, making it affordable for every family. Discover the Joy of Easter, like all of our products, is back by our 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, we'll refund your purchase!


Discover the Joy of Easter has memory verses; Easter hymns; gift ideas for teachers, friends, and neighbors; Easter journal pages; and of course...the Easter story. Read how and why Christ celebrated the Passover in Jerusalem. Learn about the Passover symbols that point to the sacrifice of Jesus, and then put on your own Christian Passover for your family (recipes and directions included)! Read about Christ's atonement and death on the cross. Find out about his mission in the spirit world before his resurrection. Walk with Mary and the disciples to the tomb on Easter morning. Read about Easter among the Nephites.


Start teaching your children now by reading the Easter story together and learning about the symbols of Easter. Get your kids excited about celebrating the life of Christ!

In Discover the Joy of Easter, you'll find kid friendly Easter crafts:

» Easter Garden
» Easter Colors Book
» Easter Countdown Chain
» Paper Lilies
» Rolling Easter Eggs and Other Activities
» Palm Sunday Leaves
LDS Easter for kids» Easter Pinata
» Easter Journal: Hosanna!
» The Lamb of God
» Light of the World Candles
» Easter Greetings
» Get Musical
» Get Outdoors
» Stained Glass Cross
» God's Love Poster
» Pysanky Eggs
» Resurrection Eggs
» Jesus Goes to Heaven Craft
» I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus Poster
» Easter Flower Cup
» Painted Egg Ornament
» Easter Story Booklet
» Christian Passover Meal Script
» Memory Verse Eggs and Scripture Activities
» Memory Verse Easter Tree
» Easter Bingo...and many more activities and crafts!

You'll also find Easter recipes from around the world:
» Peace Cakes
Easter Recipies for Christian kids» Easy Homemade Easter Pretzels
» Easy Easter Pretzel Treats
» Shrove Tuesday Pancakes
» Unleavened Passover Bread
» Good Friday Hot Cross Buns
» Good Friday Spice Cake
» Resurrection Sunday Honey
» Easy Gingerbread Easter Eggs
» Croatian Easter Bread Dolls
» Chocolate Bird Nests
» Crispy Bird Nests
» Passover Lamb Skewers, and more


» Download sample pages from "Discover the Joy of Easter."


» Order "Discover the Joy of Easter" for only $7.99.

Easter for LDS kidsEaster for LDS kidsEaster for LDS kids



Order Discover Easter

Buy Discover the Life of Christ for HomeschoolOur Discover the Scriptures products come as PDF downloads, ready for you to print. Purchase of the product allows you to print as many copies as your need for your immediate family. Site licenses available for groups.


» Instant Download of Discover Easter only $7.99



"We're currently doing 'Discover the Joy of Easter' and it is making a huge difference. I don't mind the fun around Easter with egg hunts and such, but I want something to help me teach the true meaning and celebrate our Saviors resurrection!" --Nicol R.


Project Photos from "Discover the Joy of Easter"

Here are pictures of some of the crafts and recipes from Discover the Joy of Easter. You can send us your project photos at info @


Bird's Nest  Easter Memory Verse Egg Tree

Easter Memory Verse Egg Tree and Palm Sunday Leaves  CEaster Croatian Bread Dolls

Easter Croatian Bread Dolls  Homemade Pretzels (German

Easter Pysanky Eggs  Easter Ideas for Dyed Eggs

Easter "Stained Glass" Pictures  Easter

Easter Palm Leaves  Easter Hot Cross Buns

Free Easter Lapbook

Don't miss our Discover the Scriptures FREE Easter lapbook! Your kids will have fun getting creative as they color, cut, paste, memorize scriptures, and learn about Easter with this fun (and easy to do) lapbook. Itmakes a great Family Home Evening project.


Free Easter Lapbook for LDS kids



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