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Using Discover the Scriptures with your Family

LDS Families use Discover the ScripturesMany LDS families are using Discover the Scriptures products in their family scripture study or Family Home Evening. They are reading Discover the Old Testament or Discover the Life of Christ together as a family and discussing the scriptures together. They are finding that their children love the scriptures!



Enjoy Reading Scriptures Together

"My kids have been learning so much and they have actually been enjoying reading now. My son even started reciting a scripture to a salesman that came to our door! They are so excited about the scriptures now." --Mom of two Discover the Book of Mormon kids


"We just started using Discover the Old Testament as a family. It has revolutionized our family scripture study! My 8, 9, and 11 year olds love discussing the Old Testament. Thanks for such a great family tool." -Simone in North Carolina


"I had to make a copy of Discover the Old Testament for myself as well as my kids! I'm learning so much as I study with them!" -Mother of 3 Discover the Scriptures kids


"We start each day with scripture study.  This year we have been studying "The Life of Christ."  The wording in Discover the Scriptures is easy enough for even my youngest kids to understand, but thought provoking enough for my 8 and 11 year olds to be completely amazed and enthralled with each story.  The questions, memorization and writing have been exactly what we need to get my kids' brains going before we start all of our other subjects, and the spirit that it brings sets the right tone for the day.  Thank you so much for giving us the perfect way to start our school day." --Mother of 2 homeschoolers


I can't begin to tell you how much my children and I love "The Life of Christ" program. My boys (11 and 8) and I have had so much fun with the the activities.  They have loved the opportunity to create and present their own Family Home Evening lessons. I love the chance to have daily conversations about the Lord with them.  The beautiful pictures enhance the wonderful words. Thanks you so much for helping me to make each day so meaningful! -Mother of 2 homeschoolers



Memorize Scripture Verses Together

One thing that many families do is work on Discover the Scriptures memory verses as a family. One parent said, "My kids actually like to memorize scriptures! When the missionaries come for dinner, my kids always recite their latest memory verse. When my son heard someone in sacrament use one of his memory verses he was so proud that he knew the scripture!" -Homeschooling mom of five


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Use Discover the Scriptures for Homeschool

"We are so grateful for these products. We use them for our Gospel Studies class which is the first class of the day. Our oldest whom is nine is in the Old Testament right now. He has learned so much from it. It seems as if he has an in depth Primary class every day. We talked about the Plan of Salvation in family Home Evening the other day and I was really proud of the responses I got from my children. I know that it is because of there exposure to the Discovery Products. I know that by teaching them with these products which are taught from the the church stories, that our children will gain a testimony and their chances to go on a mission will increase. Each time a new product comes out we are eager to implement it into our homeschool curriculum. Thank you Sister Keogh for all that you have done thus far." -The Lewis Family

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Ideas For Teaching the Gospel to Your Family

Here's how the RowLee family helps their children learn the gospel.

  1. We memorize the primary scripture for each month together. All month long we repeat, repeat, repeat. Daddy listens to them practice and they love listening to Daddy and "catching" him make a mistake. We talk about what the verse means and how we can apply it in our family.

    2. We memorize the primary song for each month's theme together.  Every morning we practice. We have a cd of all the songs they will learn for the Sacrament meeting presentation and listen to it daily. Primary music is often in the background of our home.

    3. We memorize the Articles of Faith together. Each week we practice one Article of Faith in a few ways - reciting aloud, singing the primary song for that article, and using picture clue cards we found online to help even our youngest ones learn.  We talk about what the words mean. 

    4. We love to read the scripture readers put out by the church for story time. Our children are young, and when we read a story the kids act it out. It is so fun! One of their favorites was when Daddy was Samuel the Lamanite on the wall (the stairs). He preached, and the kids threw rocks (marshmallows) at him, but missed. They each have favorite scripture heroes and stories that are requested again and again. 

    5. We play a picture game with the Gospel Art Picture Kit. Each child is given a picture and tells us about what they see or about the story if they remember it. It doubles as art appreciation! Then we read the back of the picture to see what it's all about if nobody remembered the story. 


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