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Scripture Study Resources for LDS Families

Here are some resources and links that will help your family with their gospel study.


CES materials including seminary and institute manuals, scripture mastery cards and lists. The scripture mastery lists and cards are great to use as a family--even for those not yet at seminary age. You are never too young to start memorizing scriptures!


BYU has several FREE personal enrichment courses available online. Older kids (seminary age and older) and adults will enjoy learning about temples, prophets, books of scripture, and other gospel principles.


A Plain English Book of Mormon is an interesting website that offers the Book of Mormon text in simplified, modern language. Unlike Book of Mormon Stories (published by the Church) and other readers, A Plain English Book of Mormon follows the Book of Mormon text verse by verse. offers a FREE Nauvoo kids pack (available soon, and created by Discover the Scriptures) that your kids will love. If you are planning a trip to Nauvoo, there is a lot of information on the site that will help you. If you aren't, your kids will still love the Nauvoo kids packet, which features stories from kids like them who lived in Nauvoo!


Homeschool CurriculumLooking for other low cost materials for your homeschool? Curr-Click provides downloadable homeschool curriculum at affordable prices. They have thousands of titles on subjects from math to copy work.


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