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Scripture Notebooking

Scripture Notebooking

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Studies show that having kids draw and write about what they have read or learned helps them retain and understand concepts better. Scripture Notebooking is designed to help your kids express what they learn from the scriptures.


As they draw pictures and make journal entries, children develop a strong knowledge and love for the Bible and the Book of Mormon. They learn to express their growing testimony in writing.



Scripture Notebooking for LDS Homeschool


Correlates with Church's Scripture Readers

Scripture Notebooking for LDS HomeschoolOur Scripture Notebooking sheets can be used to extend personal and family scripture study and help kids remember what they have learned. The title of each Scripture Notebooking sheet corresponds to a chapter title from the Old Testament Stories, New Testament Stories, or Book of Mormon Stories readers produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, so it's easy to use these sheets as a supplement if your children are currently reading any of those Church produced readers. Simply choose a chapter to read together and then print the corresponding Scripture Notebooking sheet!


This is a great way for kids to show what they know. If you homeschool and use Charlotte Mason or Susan Wise Bauer dictation-style learning, Scirpture Notebooking is for you!

Includes Sheets on Two Levels

Younger writers will love the ease of writing on guided lines (think penmanship paper). Most sheets also have a illustration box so kids can express themselves. More experienced writers can use the sheets for older kids. These sheets feature plain lines and an illustration or illustration box or both. 160 pages for each level. Print just what you need. Great for:

» Sunday quiet time

» Family scripture study follow-up

» Homeschool devotionals

» Independent study

» Supplement to Discover the Old Testament

» Supplement to Discover the Life of Christ or Acts of the Apostles

» Supplement to Discover the Book of Mormon

» Download SAMPLE PAGES from Scripture Notebooking.


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Buy Discover the Life of Christ for HomeschoolOur Discover the Scriptures products come as PDF downloads, ready for you to print. Purchase of the product allows you to print as many copies as your need for your immediate family. Site licenses available for groups.

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