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LDS HomeschoolWhat Do Our Customers Say?

Many families find that using Discover the Scriptures materials has helped their children discover and the love the scriptures. Some parents are even studying the scriptures right alongside their children. Here's what some of our customers have to say. We'd love to hear from you, too. If you have a comment to share, please use the feedback form to let us know what you think.


Great for Homeschooling

"I love Discover the Scriptures. I too have wanted to find a fun way to implement scripture learning at home as I homeschool my children. This is perfect! Thank you so much for the time and effort spent in providing these teaching tools." Lori, Homeschool mother of 5


Primary every day

"We have been using the discovery products from the beginning when there was only the Book of Mormon Discovery. We are so grateful for these products. We use them for our Gospel Studies class which is the first class of the day. Our oldest whom is nine is in the Old Testament right now. He has learned so much from it. It seems as if he has an in depth Primary class every day. We talked about the Plan of Salvation in family Home Evening the other day and I was really proud of the responses I got from my children. I know that it is because of there exposure to the Discovery Products. I know that by teaching them with these products which are taught from the the church stories, that our children will gain a testimony and their chances to go on a mission will increase. Each time a new product comes out we are eager to implement it into our homeschool curriculum. Thank you Sister Keogh for all that you have done thus far." The Lewis Family


Daily Conversations about God

"I can't begin to tell you how much my children and I love "The Life of Christ" program. My boys (11 and 8) and I have had so much fun with the the activities.  They have loved the opportunity to create and present their own Family Home Evening lessons. I love the chance to have daily conversations about the Lord with them.  The beautiful pictures enhance the wonderful words. Thanks you so much for helping me to make each day so meaningful!" JoAnn, mother of two homeschoolers 


Reading the Book of MormonExcited about the scriptures

"I have to tell you that my oldest son takes his work very seriously. It is great to see him excited about his work pages. He asks me questions and we go back to the scriptures to find the answers. It has been a very bonding experience." Jill, Discover the Scriptures parent 


Reciting scripture verses

"My kids have been learning so much and they have actually been enjoying reading now. My son even started reciting a scripture to a salesman that came to our door! They are so excited about the scriptures now." Mom of two Discover the Book of Mormon kids


Loves the Book of Mormon

"My nine-year-old son now loves the Book of Mormon and has become intimately familiar with its heroes and stories, all as a result of your Discover the Book of Mormon CD. We tell all of our friends about your products and everyone who has ordered it loves it too." Sheryl, mother of a nine-year-old


Looking for more!

“I really love the work that you are doing and the way that you are making it so much easier for me to teach and guide my children as they learn about the scriptures. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Please keep up the great work, I look forward to everything that you produce.” Nancy


I'm studying the Old Testament, too!

"I had to make a copy of Discover the Old Testament for myself as well as my kids! I'm learning so much as I study with them!" Mother of 3 Discover the Old Testament kids


Revolutionized family scripture study

"We just started using Discover the Old Testament as a family. It has revolutionized our family scripture study! My 8, 9, and 11 year olds love discussing the Old Testament. Thanks for such a great family tool." Simone in North Carolina


The hard work is paying off

"Thank you so much for creating and providing this to our children. Just the other day we invited several other families to come over our house to view a movie. I overheard a conversation between one of my sons and another child. The boy was telling my son that he was so smart because he always has all of the answers in Sunday school. I looked at my wife surprised. I later told her that I guess all the hard work has paid off." Sean, father of two



Heard on Facebook




Karen T: "We LOVE LOVE LOVE our Old Testament course that we're using now (4th & 8th Graders)."


Connie G. "We bought the old testament book and my kids have just LOVED it!!! I would like to get the Book of mormon book next. I am a homeschooling mom of 5 for 23 years and have a degree in early childhood education and I have to say I HIGHLY recommened this product!!"


Nicole N. "Our Family LOVES Discovering the scriptures.... the easy way. Thank you!"


Cheree S. "Thanks for making it easy to spruce up our family scripture study."


Kerrie C. "I had looked and looked for some kind of cirriculumn for when I started homeschool this fall. I gave up too and was just going to do my own thing. I'm so glad my sister told me about y'all!"


Tara S. "We love Discover the Scriptures!!!! It makes scripture study fun and interesting for the little one!! You guys rock!!"


Tenise W. "I'm so excited to have found Discover the Scriptures! I'd just been looking for something exactly like this, and had kind of given up, then while doing research for a talk on Elder Bednar's advice to talk about the Book of Mormon with your children, I found you! Thanks! I'm so excited."


Nicol M. "We have only used Discover Easter and it was amazing the thought that went into it. It made Easter extra special this year. I look forward to trying the Book of Mormon for my children!"


DeEllen S. "My family really enjoys Discover the Scriptures. I like it because my children are learning about the Gospel. The kids like it because there is a variety of enjoyable activities to help them learn."


Cynthia S. "I love Discover the scriptures! I do the workbooks with my kids and I learn alot too!"


Robynne B. "Discover the Scriptures is such a wonderful asset to our homeschooling curriculum! Thank you!"


Ashley P. "We love Discover the Scriptures! I love how it is on the right level for kids ages and helps to teach them to study about and ponder what they're reading more! Thanks for having a contest, I'm excited!"




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