Memorize "The Living Christ" - Part 3: The Study Materials

The (hopefully helpful) Study Materials

The study helps each week include an 8.5" x 11" poster with text to memorize for the week, copy work (for those of you who love to write!), four 8.5" x 11" picture posters with matching text, and four small picture cards with pictures and text. Also included are a set of small picture cards with keywords only (rather than the full text) to help you review once you've learned the material.

Download the Study Materials for Weeks 1-12

Download the complete packet of study materials below for memorizing "The Living Christ." (This is a very large download. If you have trouble downloading the entire packet, try downloading a week at a time.)


Ideas for using the picture posters:

The Living Christ, study helps by Discover the ScripturesPresent and review. Use the poster with the large pictures in family home evening to present the new sections and review. Be sure to keep each week's posters so that you can continue to review as you learn more. Younger children can use the pictures as a guide when they recite (we put ours into a three-ring binder so the younger kids can flip through the pages as they recite - download a binder cover for your posters).

Family discussions. You can assign each section to one of the children to "teach" the rest of the family. Pick out tricky words to define and discuss. Choose key ideas for Family Home Evening topics and family scripture study discussions. The more you involve the kids in this ongoing project, the more motivated they will be to finish!

Scripture Chain. Have the older children choose one of the picture posters and find 3-5 scriptures that illustrate the main idea of the poster. They can share it in family scripture study and show the poster as they talk about their scriptures.

Ideas for using the small cards:

Flip book. For younger children, make a booklet with the small cards that they can look at and talk about. You can use one of these booklet covers (thanks for the idea Stacy H.). You may want to laminate the cards to make them last longer. These make great sacrament meeting books!

Sort and order. Cut out the small cards, scramble, and sort into the right order, adding cards to the pile as the weeks progress. Keep your cards in a Ziploc bag and tape one of these booklet covers to the front.

 Draw and recite. Make a pile of your small cards. Turn it upside down. Take turns drawing a card, reading the text, and then trying to recite the next section.

Picture chain. Cut the small cards apart horizontally, and glue them end to end to make a "chain" along the wall or bathroom mirror. Read it aloud every time you see it during the day. The more you say it aloud, the easier it will be to learn!

Ideas for using the small cards with keywords:

Use the small cards with only keywords to practice reciting once you think you've mostly memorized a passage. Keep your cards in a Ziploc bag and tape one of these booklet covers to the front.