Discover the Acts of the Apostles (Digital Download)

Discover the Acts of the Apostles (Digital Download)

Discover The Scriptures
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One year's worth of study!

This Discover product will take you on a journey from the book of Acts through the rest of the New Testament and beyond. Learn about the work of the Apostles in setting up the early church and the missionary efforts of Peter, John, Paul, Barnabus, and others. Your children will explore the ideas of priesthood authority, apostasy, and the need for a restoration of Christ's church in the latter-days. They will read about the inspiring lives of the Christian Reformers and those who laid the foundation for the restoration of the Church by Joseph Smith. A great supplement to medieval to early modern homeschool history curriculum. Maps and timelines integrate New Testament events with history. Explore Acts - Revelation with:

  • Scripture verses
  • Creative writing assignments
  • Hands-on projects
  • Family Home Evening presentations for kids to give
  • New Testament maps
  • Memory verses

Hands-on projects include making a "Ministry of Peter" poster, illustrating Saul's conversion, making scripture bookmarks, writing Paul's speech to report to Church leaders on his mission, writing the story of Paul's arrest and imprisonment, creating your own "Armor of God" puppet, making your own "Stained Glass" pictures (see examples in the photos on the right), printing like Gutenberg, and making a peanut butter dough map of the U.S.